Friday, August 13, 2010

There's No Straight Line to the End Zone

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Have you ever noticed that challenging, unexpected, costly and unpleasant events seem to occur in multiples? Hence the cliche' "one thing after another?" July and August have been that way for my family. Place over those events a feeling of cabin fever since it's unbearably humid. This is a recipe for tension in relationships and sometimes, tears.

I had my first good cry in a long time yesterday. It actually felt good. My teen was the first to come in my room with a big hug and consoling words. Afterwards, we made an evening snack run for popcorn and lemon tea. It felt good being in the car while my 16 year old drove, windows down, radio up and a smile on her face. The truth is that when you've helped someone by showing concern for their issues and emotions, you are lifted up. In that moment I saw her strength and kindness and it felt incredibly good to be her mom.

So what that the computer crashed, the water pump broke (no water for a week), the dishwasher blew a line and flooded our floor (we didn't know this was happening and now the floor is being ripped up and replaced), my son's filling broke, creating an infection which has caused him weeks of pain (the dentist has perscribed antibiotics for the second time to no avail and is passing us on to a specialist...ka-ching!), all of this while the patent deadline continues to approach.

I am drowning in a feeling of uselessness....sometimes no matter how many proactive moves one makes to balance their life and move through it with grace, events beyond our control continue to occur. In succession, these impact our equilibrium and stride. Looking back, I remember times when I was working toward a goal while life changing events hammered like linebackers in rapid succession, making me realize that I'm actually living a football game. There is no straight line to the end zone. It's all about regrouping, strategizing, dashing in short bursts while being knocked down again and again. I keep asking God to help me make it to the end zone, one more time.

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