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At our homeschool, we enjoy learning to write poetry.  Last year, Elliot's poem Water Park was selected for publication in  the spring edition of the Creative Commons A Celebration of Poets.

Water Park   

Jumped off a pirate ship
Cold liquid
Sharks swim around me
Scary water slide.
100 miles an hour
Having fun too!

Hot sun
A raft
For 3 of us
Like riding on a zooming

The Squirrel Bridge
The electricity line that hangs
over Carolyn's back yard
is a squirrel bridge

He knows not to
because he will die


Have you ever
Tasted rain
Straight from the sky?


A pack of pea pods
the chopsticks strike with fury
the pea pod slips out

I write

I write poems like a car
at a hotel
in starts and
but reaching
it's destination

A List


The Meaning of Life

I am nothing in life, but life.

Life is a trip to the world.

A trip of life and death

and beauty and gruesome

and heroical and evil.

Life is about having a good time

and having adventures

and work.

Life is an adventure.


Emily is my big sister.

She frightens me.

She plays with me

and sometimes eats with me

and sometimes does traditions with me too,

like Christmas

and Easter

but when she's not here

I am sad.

Lego Hobby

This started out as a Lego hobby.

As I play all day, my room gets messy.

I fear there is no hope,

but this started out as a Lego Hobby.


I play all day

Swinging on the limits of play

On the highway of happiness.


When I think about winking

I try to wink

but instead

I blink.


You do not know my secret identity.

I dash through the night

with my friend Flash.

I dash with Flash

To save the day

from Monster Mash.

How Many Things to Worry About?

Maybe it will storm when I'm
done with school.

What will I see on Halloween?

What if Mom makes me do school
in the middle of a tornado?


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