My Poems (In progress)

Meeting For Worship

Sunning themselves high 
in unclothed branches,

feathered ornaments 
perched on maple tree

A white frost flocking
gives structure to the grass

They bathe in light that gives little warmth
and plump out in hopeful anticipation
for noon.

Gathering for worship,
Cheep cheep cheeping
their hymns
On Sunday.

Just Chillin' My Eyeballs

Whatcha doin' Mom?

Just chillin' my eyeballs.

How do you do that?

My fingers are ice cold, good for soothing
my swollen eyes.

Why do you do that, Mom?

Because it feels better after I cry.

Today the Ceiling is On the Floor

Today the ceiling is on the floor.
I'm tracking it all over the house.
Wet white muck
gathered and stuck
In the crevices of my brown 
running shoes.

Love and Gravity

Earth, moon, sun
You and I and the baby.
The invisible string of energy
That connects us all.

The Night Daughter Moon Let Down Her Hair

She makes a bright profile against a dark background.
Long, free flowing cloud hair,
Waves of white.

The little mermaid of the ocean-sky, 
travelling by sea horse on a carousel,
She too, has no voice,
a silent swimmer-rider
passing starfish.

Floating up and down 
on her journey through the bay

Tethered, riding merry-go-round
With her flying mane.

The Colors of My Daughter's Room

I watched her walk under the arch,
St. Louis in the Spring,
that gateway to the west.

The sound of suitcase wheels
scraping concrete
rolling away,
following tennis shoes.

Then at home there was a space.
The one I tried to fill by starting

Roll up the posters.

The colors of my daughter's room
change with her absence
when I have hope
of her return.

We share a past.
One walked away
and someone stayed.

The tone I spoke,
a sound that flashed!
Let go of longing
the past undone.

Walk into now,
with older eyes,
the child grown.

Pink curtains stay
because I compromise
this new condition 
of my liberty.

The Trampoline

My heart is a trampoline.
You can jump up and down on it
And I will bounce right back.

Your Best Friend

We were laying side by side,
On the blanket you made,
My favorite Christmas gift that year.
The sun was streaming in through the dusty

You said,
The sun is your best friend.

No, you are my best friend.
I've lived through lots of sun filled days
Years of them.
They don't make me feel
the way I do
when you are near.

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