Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rainforest Living

Elliot has a dream:  to one day be a wildlife biologist in the rainforest of Bali.  He would love to work in the tree canopy, studying the variety of interesting wildlife that live hundreds of feet above the ground.  Lately we are all experiencing what it would be like to live in an Indonesian rainforest, with daily showers and 88-99 percent humidity.  The only thing missing are some super tall trees to climb and unusual animals and birds.  If you have ever wondered how much you would love to live in this type of climate, visit the southeast!  We're expecting another month of this, including the day of  Elliot's birthday party, which is all set up for an outdoor movie!

I am grateful that we are not flooded.  I am grateful that we are healthy and that the air conditioning continues to work overtime.  I am grateful that I have a lamp with full spectrum light so that I don't slip deeper into the blues that come with days of overcast skies.  I am grateful for cool showers and fans and ice cubes.  I am grateful that we are healthy but I am also grumpy and struggling.  Things have not been so great here, and mostly this is because the loved one who is experiencing cancer has days left to live here on Earth and not months as we hoped.

We are devastated and grieving and crying.  It would be so much easier if this loved one were a mean, selfish and rude person, but the truth is that this person is gentle, kind, loving and caring.

We probably should not be going forward with birthday party plans, but it feels so unfair to stop the preparations.  Maybe the process of  making little gifts and stringing lights have helped us to stay in the moment and be mindful of the blessings of our own lives and our loving community of neighbors, friends and relatives.  I've often used creative projects as a way to help me process negative emotions and pain.  So if anyone wonders why I would make 34 handmade party gifts, you'll know that it's been raining every day for 14 days and heavy is my heart.

This is the area for the outdoor movie.  Richard created a super large screen from a canvas tarp that he will install on the day of the party.  We plan to cover the entire deck with tarps to keep the surface dry, and then lay out blankets and sleeping bags during the show.  We are praying for no rain past 8 pm!!!!

Paper lanterns with LED tea lights for party favors. 

12 sets of archery kits for the older children

Five felt crowns for the younger children
This year I failed to invest in annuals for our containers, so we made moss gardens with "leaf men" houses.  This is Elliot's stone creation.

I worried about my empty flower containers, but then was inspired to fill them with something  creative!

Tomorrow is Elliot's actual birthday, yet we are planning to celebrate on Friday.  He's very VERY excited about it!

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