Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nuts on Clearance!

So this week I decided it was time to make an appointment with a therapist to help me navigate. No matter that I regularly practice converting negative energy into creative pursuits, take time for solitude, exercise, take my vitamins; no matter that I stay grounded and comforted in the love of my beautiful children and supportive husband, there are problems too sticky and big and complex for me to deal with.

And here's how my spirit gets instantly healed the moment I ask for help:

  Five minutes after calling a shrink, I walked into the grocery store and noticed a row of carts, overflowing with cans of nuts.

Nuts are on clearance, people.

 I buy five cans.

You can never have too many nuts.

I went home with my cans and cans of nuts, laughing.


   One theme of this blog is seeking. Maybe it is the only theme. I seek the path of my life as it unfolds, questioning and wondering often if my professional life will ever materialize.  Perhaps only with my active pursuit of that path will I arrive at the horizon. Right now I am not taking those steps outward, instead developing my strengths internally and taking learning and growth into my own hands. 

   The simple opening of a page can do wonders for a soul.

Later in the day, while munching on nuts (which symbolize insanity but which are also delicious), I opened a new book and discovered this passage:

    "If you want to know what you are here to do, look around you, at the life you already have.  It will tell you what to do next if you follow the deepest thing you feel inside.  You may realize that, ultimately, your own true vocation has no outer form; that your dedication to an inner life is not concerned with the work you do.  What matters, finally is less what it looks like---the presence or absence of a string of achievements---than the pouring of your heart and soul into the longings and the loves you have been given."

~Roger Housden, Ten Poems to Set You Free

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