Sunday, November 3, 2013

Seven Rooms to Keep Me

I have been debating this thought:  should I take a complete break from blogging?  It's been kind of an off and on, hit or miss occupation for months.  While the impulse to write is strong, I feel hesitant about either subject matter or the insecurity that arrives with a habit of "oversharing." I feel drawn to engaging in life with my family and absorbing the beauty of the outdoors.  Technology is so addictive and habit forming; the internet captivates my interests and feeds my searching, wondering mind... but stands as a barrier against my creative writing.  With so much out there, why bother?  What could I possibly add to the massive amount of text that we'll never in twenty lifetimes be able to read?

 Then I remember that the heart of blogging is about the friends I am blessed to have here, and to stop would mean that I've become silent and withdrawn.

There has been so much I've learned in this space and I still feel like I'm growing from it.  It is a home were I find comfort. In one way that's wonderful, but in other ways, the comfort aspect allows me to be lazy with writing, and also incomplete in a fuller expression of meaning and imagery. I've discovered that critical academic type writing is not something I'm prepared to jump back into, but sometimes I feel like I must at least try to stretch my muscles on projects with a focus and deadline.

So at least for now, I'm continuing here.  A writing prompt I discovered in an old text book from the library has renewed my courage.  The prompt is to write about seven rooms in your life.  Knowing that places and people can open doors when there are writing blocks, I jumped at this thought and decided to post, in a series of installments, Seven Rooms to Keep Me.  I plan to post one per week for seven weeks, and finish near Christmas.  With my busy sewing season growing dormant, it's time to nourish my love for language again, while working through the challenge of spending too much time with technology and not enough time outdoors.  Unfortunately the first installment was written on a word document, and I need to figure out how to send it to my desktop computer so that I may print and retype it here.  The sun is beaming outside, with fall bursting everywhere!

I plan to have the first of Seven Rooms ready by tomorrow. I hope you enjoy this beautiful Sunday,

In peace,




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