Monday, September 22, 2014

Kimmie Dolls, A Work of Heart

Creating for children wakes me up.  It lifts my spirits.  It sends sparks of light through the imaginative part of my brain.  It requires concentration and total mindfulness, which opens a flow of peace.

After making my first felt doll for a friend, I was hooked.  Doll making is tedious, but fun!  It takes four hours to complete one from start to finish, just right for a day's work.  My friend Erica saw the first one I created for the Etsy shop and ordered two for her nieces.

Erica is an outstanding elementary school educator.  She teaches music to hundreds of students each year.  I cannot express how grateful I am to help Erica with costumes.  Every year since the beginning of Knees and Paws, I have been abundantly blessed by her requests.  These opportunities allow me to take on a large project that expands my skills and stretches my creative muscles. During the process, I think of the kids who play a variety of roles from prickly pear cacti to marching elephants.  I remember how much it meant to me that I had a music teacher.  I remember how exciting it was to perform on stage.  

 Erica trusts that I can design, construct and deliver each costume piece in good quality and on time for the important events.

Our friendship has grown through these moments of connection. I respect and love her for what she gives to her students and also for her kindness to me.

When everything was coming together the way I imagined, a new thought popped...why not include some watercolor cards?

Following my impulses and ideas for this project, I feel excited by the results!  Maybe a new line of dolls based on the Knees and Paws accessories will follow, carrying me through the off season and even into writing and illustrating...

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