Sunday, February 28, 2010

After School Sewing Lesson

Once and a while, someone comes into your life that makes cloudy winter days full of sunlight. My son's friend has a big sister who is facinated by my sewing machine, the collection of fabric on my shelves, and the creative process. With her interest, I have offered to give her some after school lessons. This week, she decided to make a Hello Kitty doll for her best friend. Each time she makes a new item, the result is always a gift for someone she loves. A tiger print make-up bag, her first attempt, went to her Grandma in New Orleans. I am continually amazed at her patience, determination, and fearlessness in attempting a new skill. Her eighth birthday is coming up next week. I managed to find a second hand child's sewing machine for her gift. Now, she can practice on her own unique designs at home any time.

The irony in all of this is that my mom, who has the patience of ten saints, tried to teach me how to sew, crochet, and cross stitch at different times in my childhood. I struggled so much that I gave up and turned to books as my main pursuit. Yet when the idea of Knees and Paws came about, I decided to relearn to sew. For a month, I broke needles, made horrible frankenstienish creations and swore like a sailor. But I was determined to let the idea of Knees and Paws become a reality. Now, I am proficient enough to share what I know with my young friend. This has given new meaning and energy to the business and my life.

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