Monday, April 19, 2010

Hang gliding is for everyone, even the timid like me

It's Monday afternoon and I'm back home after a full weekend in Nags Head, a little town on the Outer Banks off the coast of North Carolina. We were lucky enough to snag a room at our favorite economical ---yet clean---- Colonial Inn Motel, lucky because it just happened to be the weekend before the official kick off of Bike Week. Also we were blessed with several hours of warm weather and abundant sunshine on the beach, where I realized that I need to invest in a bathing suit made of body armor to hold up all things sagging. In the afternoon, we took our son "crabbing", which is like fishing, but crabs are the harvest instead. Crabbing is easier than fishing because no rod, reels, or casting are required. You just tie a chicken or turkey neck to the end of a string and watch the scuttling and clamping begin. Unfortunately we did not score enough crab for a nice meal or appetizer but were rewarded with their succulent flavor later in the evening at Awful Arthur's Oyster Bar. Dipped in a spicy coctail sauce, these morsels are absolutely delicious and pair well with a Corona. To finish our weekend of fun, and to celebrate my husband's birthday, we headed out to Jockey's Ridge State Park, home to the largest sand dunes on the east coast and the world's finest hang gliding school. Nothing really compares to the experience of a first flight off the dunes. One flight makes a person addicted for life, and jealous of birds. This was my second hang gliding lesson, and my husband's first. Being on the dunes makes this activity so safe that young children can do it during the summer months when Kitty Hawk Kites hires extra instructors to hold gliders and run up and down the hills. I'm counting the days until we return.

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