Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shooting a commercial is the funniest activity on the planet

We did it. With no dress rehearsal on a freezing cold day in Fairborn Ohio one week before Easter. We shot our first television commercial for Knees and Paws and I can't guarantee it won't be cheesy! After all, I made my poor mother's chocolate lab, Bear, wear a sweatshirt and hat. At least he was warm, which is more than I can say for the people who were there that day.

I learned that I have to be careful with the emphasis I place on the instructions I give to our son. I specifically and emphatically said that under no circumstances is there to be any leg lifting, any pretend peeing, on the set. I don't know what made me put this idea into his head because he had never done this before while pretending to be a dog. But because I said not to, it sounded like the best thing to do in front of a tv camera and everyone on the set.

All jokes aside, we were all blessed that day with the love and hard work of many people who gave their time, talent and positive energy to our effort. Thank you, Ken, my awesome brother, for your patience in getting the right shots, take after take.

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