Monday, October 11, 2010

The Eggshell Baby

Three times in one week, people who are close to me, whom I love, whom I admire, have shared comments meant to 'educate' me. Those comments, taken together, leave me here on a Monday morning feeling raw, bruised, and insecure.
As you know I've been building something new for my life. It's so new that it's like a baby doll made out of an eggshell. The words shared by my friends have had the effect of stomping on my eggshell baby, crushing it to bits on the concrete.
I wish I were not so sensitive. Perhaps I need some kind of emotional armor.
Perhaps I am in an eggshell of my own creation and need to emerge so that one day I can fly.
My thought for today is that I want to heal this oversensitivity and the feeling of desperation that comes with it. I should be happy and go outside, take a walk in the woods and forget words that float into nothingness in the air. I wish I had no memory of the sound and shape and feel of words like arrows flung my way.

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