Friday, October 8, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Erin at Dropped Stitches has inspired me to share a list of things that make me happy. Sometimes just thinking about them is enough to change my grumbly, irritated mood. I need a happy list today because I'm sleep deprived and cranky after my son came home with an excessive amount of homework seen here:

I love Van Morrison's Into the Mystic I have to be careful not to play it too much or it will lose it's magic.

One of my favorite movies is The Jack Bull with John Cusak. I love pretty much every movie he's ever made, especially Better off Dead and Say Anything.

I love running, hiking, kayaking and riding bikes on the park trails with my son.

Dancing with my Husband in the living room with our socks on.

Sitting in the sun on the deck with the cat on my lap.

Giving things away. Sharing time with people.

Kids of all ages.

Reading travel memoirs. Someday I may write one. I just need to pick the right destination. If you've ever been somewhere exciting and wonderful, let me know!

Granola cereal with cold milk.

The smell and taste of cider, cinnamon sugar doughnuts and crisp Macintosh apples at the apple orchard. This is an experience from my childhood that I carry with me always. When I think of home in the fall, the memory of this place wakes up the child inside.

I'm sure there are so many more happy things to remember but for now, that's enough to propel me into having a great day. I'd love to read what you love, too.

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