Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The World's Best Blogging Friends

Do you ever go though phases where you're emptying closets, repainting rooms, sorting drawers, and then suddenly look in the mirror and realize that the long hair just has to go?

I'm at that crossroads.

I want to dye it dark and cut it short.

Will I feel naked or liberated?

I don't know if I'm brave enough.  I feel like cutting my hair and also this blog.

Here I am standing at the edge, wanting to make a big leap into fresh air.  While I might be ready to graduate to a new writing space, what will this mean for the connections I have been blessed with here?  Does moving mean I have to say goodbye to people who I truly care about?

Besides painting rooms in my real house and clearing the clutter, I'm also experimenting with a new blog space on wordpress, but it's in its infancy and not ready to reveal. There's a new idea percolating in my mind for a bigger writing project, but Knees and Paws still feels like home. It's difficult to stop walking in the comfy shoes and break in new boots.

This week it's Thanksgiving. Truly I am thankful for my life and this journey.  Every year it feels better to be alive.  I am blessed with the world's best blogging friends. Each one of you have enriched my life by your posts and comments and by sharing life through these windows.  Here I've found an extraordinarily positive community, and because of you, I've made a shift in my perspective.  With your loving attitudes, I peek above the clouds and discover so much more beauty that I could see from my hole in the ground.  I don't have control over the people whom God chooses to place in my life, and I'm glad that I don't.  There's something completely wonderful about discovering the magical kindness in the hearts of people all over the world. 

For those who visit and comment, for those who visit and stay silent: blessings of abundance and peace to you this holiday season!  It's a time of compassion and sharing, but also stress and tension.  I hope to take things at a slower pace so that I can really contemplate my interactions with people, and my drives to give gifts.  I hope to find a place of peace about what I can afford, and what would be thoughtful, meaningful and not wasteful.  I also will be practicing a new approach to conversations, focusing on the present moment or the future.  The past is connected with happy memories for some and angry, painful experiences for others.

And in a last side note, I'm sending good intentions to the misguided spammers who have stopped by, and the hackers to my email account.  May you have a change of heart and spend the rest of your life making the world a better place!

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