Monday, March 4, 2013

A Spring Musical

It's Monday, and I'm bubbling over with happiness.  Perhaps it's because Richard took the day off yesterday and we had a wonderful, relaxing day as a family.  I'm also truly excited to share that since my last post, THREE more pounds have vanished!  I've discovered how easy and effective an exercise called the plank's really impacting my fitness and strength!  I used to have the attitude that abs and upper body strength just aren't that important.  But truly, they are!  Taking just five minutes each day to pay attention to them has injected a burst of energy and a renewed commitment to my "reducing" plan.

I'm also seriously thrilled to share photos of the results of a very special project I'm blessed to work on every spring.  Of all the work I've done in my life, I know I will always remember with fondness that I was asked to help costume for an elementary school musical in Michigan!  This year, the students are performing Winnie the Pooh!

Here's to hunny, and happiness, and the promise of Spring!

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