Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Prairie Homecoming

The village of Agency, Missouri is populated by 210 families.  It it set in the rolling farmland of the heartland of America.  The distance from Greensboro to Agency is 1068 miles.  Which is a manageable drive if you stop to sleep in Nashville.  But when your dog has a severe bout of diarrhea, you must keep on driving and stop frequently, making the trip an agonizing 24 hour ride.

It was all worth it.  This trip held every emotion, from frustration and despair to joy and love.  My husband's childhood home is a place where my perspective of life expands like the sky.  These journeys into the farms of western Missouri uncover things about myself that I fail to recognize at home.  Travel teaches and stretches my understanding for what is possible.  Upon my return, though tired and weak from emotional stress and a marathon drive, I find that I am driven to throw away limiting behaviors and work harder.  I am in a season of life where my body is strong and capable, my mind active and seeking.  The goals and hopes I have are elusive clouds on the horizon, but my joy is in the daily chores.

April is poetry, but June is a novel...full of afternoon storms and muggy heat.  It is the fading of spring blooms but the ripening of squash on the vine.  It is a boy and his dad, catching bass in the pond.

Elliot's first bass!  

It is a live theater performance in the beautiful cultural district of Kansas City.  Elliot decided that Shakespeare comedy is "silly, but true." I could tell that he was following the language despite the fast pace, when half way through, he swatted a bug and said "a fly goes before me."  HA!

If you ever travel to Kansas City in the summer, I highly recommend attending the Heart of America Shakespeare festival.  It is world class theater!  

June on a Missouri farm is peace.

And freedom.

It is place and time to renew the spirit and to refresh feelings of love for family.

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