Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Displace Yourself

(A Letter)

Dear Me, You, Us,

Displace yourself.
Get away from you.
Your circling thoughts, your daily grind.
Habits habits habits.

Displace yourself and see
You outside of your body, outside of that talking mind.

Displace yourself for a while,
then circle back home.

A great wave of appreciation for your life
and all of the memories you keep as armor
will suddenly become gold.

What of pain?
A fleeting experience you keep reliving by choice.
Choosing the memory of  bites that ripped ego
Choosing dreams over awareness of the present moment
where you are ok
and your thoughts don't need protection.

Displace yourself and see that you are deeply loved and missed.
The righteous indignation you held as a shield can be set down.
Words and opinions can pass through your heart
without tearing
you down
to that place
of worthless, helpless weakness.

Displace yourself and awake
to the clearing sky of your hard head
determined to protect, defend, excuse.

Don't build a fortress where no one can come in.
Or if you do,
leave those walls

Displace yourself.

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