Sunday, January 12, 2014

Looking back and going forward

Recently we spent a fact... saturated and flooded... weekend indoors, compounded with a weary virus.  I did small projects when I felt a little burst of energy return.  I reorganized the kitchen cabinet shelves and decorated the tiny bathroom off the kitchen.  I also wrote a few more pages in the story I'm writing, but that is an inch by inch, frustrating activity.  I wrote one great line, but the rest feels like junk.

For one whole day, we did nothing but rest in our house.  It was bliss.  Richard ventured out and brought home Chinese take-out, and we dined by candle light in the kitchen while Elliot slept through a fever.

He slept so much that I really missed him!  Here are some pictures of my sweet boy who keeps growing taller but also more loving.  I appreciate the gift of his sweetness, his silliness.  What would I do without his spontaneous energy for life?  When he woke up today, he seemed taller, and older, and I just had to go back and remember his little boy face in order to handle the reality that we must all go forward.

He just won't stop growing up!

And I'm thankful for that, because look what happens:  friends keep coming into his life.

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