Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Light

Today is so


 The lights are still up, and for New Year's Day, my candle is lit, but the silence that comes when loved ones return to the lives they must live is resting here in the corners. We had a beautiful, happy Christmas together and I am thankful for so much love.

I am writing what may become a book, and this is something to carry me into 2014.  I'm a little superstitious about it, afraid to kill it by discussion.  Maybe a new blog address and header will be a part of this process.  Like a fitness goal, I'd like to reward myself with a fresh look and a new purpose when I've done the work that must be done.

 Blessings and peace to you as we journey into longer days and new seasons, with hope and anticipation for the ordinary goodness that comes with each day.

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