Sunday, February 9, 2014

To Rant, Or Not to Rant, That is the Question

How do you feel about online ranting?

Have you ever?

If so, did it help?  Or were you embarassed later to read the emotionally tinged words?

I'm cautious of ranting, even when something is burning inside me.  I'm so reluctant to speak my frustration that if a friend happens to call me and the anger falls out of my mouth, I later regret having shown that side of me.

Thursday was a difficult day.  The energy that came with it carried into the weekend.  I'm still trying to release, release, release.

But the noise still keeps going in my head.   All kinds of scenarios are playing out, scenarious that are never going to happen.  Some part of my sick and tired brain must be entertained by this anxiety driven ranting.

I wonder why I was ever kind to certain people.  Isn't that a horrible thought?

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