Thursday, April 24, 2014

Elliot's Photography

I have just been scanning through the recent photographs of our trip to the Asheboro Zoo.  Several of Elliot's photos captured a feeling that I often miss.

Like what it feels like to be in captivity.

Photo credit Elliot Hoppins

Photo Credit Elliot Hoppins

Photo Credit Elliot Hoppins

While I was snapping away, looking for color and composition, he was looking for feeling.  The camera shows an extension of his heart.  A heart that was troubled often during our visit.  Elliot's consciousness is awakening to some hard truths about our environment.  He also recognizes that many people visiting the zoo behave in disrespectful ways.  Often when we were at an exhibit, he would ask to move on when a group of children, teens and even adults were loud, showing off for their friends and acting whiny when animals would not properly pose for photographs.

By the end of our visit, we were more aware of human behavior in groups than we were of the animals enduring their day behind the fence.

We decided that the aviary was the happiest, most peaceful spot in the entire zoo.

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