Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Two Days to Get Here

Two Days To Get Here

Blooming Redbuds on the purple mountain
Topped with floating gray white felted cloud mass
Skipping down the peaks.

Wet rock profile old Cherokee face
In ancient stone.  Blue back packed hikers cross
the highway on the Appalachian Trail.

We search the bare forest for dark moving
Masses, rounded shape of black bear mother
slender spring cub clinging to Beech bark branch.

I can only imagine their presence, 
the dark mounds I glimpse turning into sap
Bulging like basketballs on the gray trunks.

Tender baby green leaves bud out on branch
The wakening forest spreads out her green
As we ride the curving climbing highway
Through dynamite blasted tunnel, the pass
Opening to five lanes of rushing speed.

Clouds as benevolent Spirit beings
Appear on the blue sky theater stage.
Their drifting dance a pictoral language
While they smoosh together and separate.
A dinosaur cow dances with a pig.

A magician blows a handful of smoke.
A funny shark swims with a Star Wars ship.
An elephant holding a teddy bear
Floats past a boy about to go fishing.
Ophelia looks to the heavens and sighs.

We suck saltwater taffy, banana.
Buttered popcorn, huckleberry and orange.
We see bison in a pen on the plains.
We see homeless men in weathered faces.
Spring tries to catch us in the hilly farms.

At the bottom of one hill, we find home.

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