Thursday, March 25, 2010

We're shooting a commercial!

Uncle Ken and Elliot making a great team effort on some delicious cookies.

These quilted back packs make great travel pillows when stuffed full of Knees and Paws. They are promo gifts for our two "star" actors.

If you knew me well, you'd be surprised that I'm doing this. I'm not even sure I'm ready to have it "out there" yet. The anxiety ridden over-analytic left brain in me wonders, what if you put it out there and no one responds? Or what if a lot of people respond? The right brain argues back: "it's better to proceed with the kind of thinking that says, "do it for the sake of experiencing what it's like to make a tv commercial" and forget about results.

My brother, Ken, will be taking the video and performing every technical detail, from music to graphics. He is a very talented and skilled "camera" guy who worked on the indie film "Alabama Love Story" and shot the video that landed the Terpenning family on Extreme Home Makeover. Our son Elliot has an incredibly deep bond with him despite the miles between our homes. The phrase "hero worship" insufficiently describes what they share. I'm exited to see them "work" together as an actor and director/camera tech team for the first time. This could be the beginning of a life long working relationship for both. In the end, making this shared family memory will be more important than any external material result.

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