Friday, June 25, 2010

A Surprise in Every Day

Not long ago I read that there is a surprise in every day. While that may seem obvious to most people, seeing this in print has actually helped me to manage my stress in unexpected situations. Usually the surprise is not that great, even totally unpleasant-- but since the surprises are now a part of my daily routine I'm learning how to accept them and move on.

This week, I was surprised when:

My teen returned without her soccer gear even though this year we are sending her to soccer camp. It's kind of a big deal considering my fledgling business has miles to go before it pays the bills.

The driver's side window fell out of the track.

The dining room chair leg broke. By the way, why are dining room chairs so expensive?!

While attempting to avoid two early morning joggers who should have been using the sidewalk, my husband scraped his van on a pedestrian sign that was cemented in the middle of a road at a crossing where super elitist people send their kids to school. I don't think it's even legal to cement signs in the middle of roads, but obviously they have a huge sense of enitlement.

I was prepared to go to the pool this week, but *surprise* my son got pink eye.

After returning from our incredibly transformative hiking trip where we walked near seventeen black bears, not one person on fb commented on this amazing event. Thank you blogging friends, you are awesomer than awesome! Your comments rule!

I had a blast hanging out with my teen last night. Even when she asked "PLEASE CAN I DRIVE YOUR CAR?!"

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