Thursday, December 30, 2010

Puppy Chow

In the busy atmosphere of the holiday, our home has not maintained a puppy-proof status. Elliot is gradually learning the concept of sacrifice while he picks up the remainder of Ozzie's midnight snacks. It is a testament to Elliot's patience, to his loving attitude and caring heart that he has not complained about the material objects lost. I am proud of my son for his patience with his new puppy and his acceptance of Ozzie's behavior. Overall, our family has been amazed by the puppy's intelligence and unconditional love. Born in a remote location to an owner who passed away, Ozzie and his litter had no human contact for the first three months of their lives. His siblings all died of Parvo. He's the last surviving member, born in the wild, yet shines in his willingness to be a part of our family. We have watched in amazement as he demonstrates a knowledge of basic obedience commands. He's also surprised us by playing fetch, rolling over, shaking paws and playing tag. We've had some issues with bathroom habits but he's now on day three of no accidents.
But then I am a little worried about his digestion...
Although tasty and satisfying to eat, the following can't feel very good on the way down!

New Slippers from Santa

Plastic Ski Goggles

Bakugon Battle Gear

The entire contents of two fish food containers

and one winter boot that we can't find...could he have eaten the entire thing????

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