Friday, May 6, 2011


It's five o'clock in the morning here, an early hour for me.  I can't stop my blogging habit even though I need to focus on the sewing machine.

I'm awake with gratitude.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor for what I thought was the beginning of a uti.  The visiting physician there surprised me by saying that the test for uti was negative.  I should have a scan to check for either
1.  Cancer
2.  Kidney Stones

And that I should prepare myself for an agonizing trip to the ER.

That kidney stones can be as painful as childbirth. 

So, off I went to the Imaging center where I was promptly told to pay $800.00, or a portion of this amount.

Thankfully, Richard was with me or I might have walked out the door wondering when I might die.

I obediently agreed to the scan.  It was a futuristic moment.  A great round machine whirred and spoke to me in a computerized voice while I lay on a crisp white sheet.  I felt like aliens might appear over my head with strange instruments and garbled language.

Within a few minutes, I was called to the front desk where the doctor explained that I had some very small kidney stones.  That all I needed to do was to go home, take some motrin and otherwise live my life normally.

To celebrate, we went to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant.
Which made us sick...

But this morning I'm feeling much better.   I went to sleep thinking of a story that my daughter Emily told last night on the phone.  It was a sad story about people who are suffering as a result of their poor choices.  It reminded me how tender hearted and compassionate my daughter is.  The story made me realize how truly blessed I am to live in this home with my family.  My basic needs are met every day, and on many occasions my wants are met too.     It makes me realize that I am capable of giving more to those in need.

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