Monday, May 2, 2011

A Friendship Blog

This blog has changed. 
I'm am happy to say that what began as a "business" story blog is now a friendship blog. Today, on my fortieth birthday, I am in a much better place than I was ten years ago.  In the last decade, I moved from Michigan to North Carolina, was divorced...embraced independence while struggling as a single parent, worked at three different jobs, finished my degree, learned hang gliding, fell in love, had a baby boy, bought a house, was married, stopped smoking, renewed my faith with the Religious Society of Friends, experienced the death of my father, started a business, began homeschooling, became a dog owner, learned to blog, taught myself to sew, wrote a patent application, hiked a section of the Appalachian Trail, and best of all, made new friends.

When I write posts now, it is not to a vague "somewhere out there" audience.  I share my thoughts now in the comforting company of people like Michelle, Corinne, Thisisme, Angie, Odie, Lori, and lots of unnamed friends who read without comment.  I appreciate you because of your kindness and presence here.

Today I especially want to thank my Mom.  For my life.  For spectacular childhood birthday celebrations, especially the year when I turned six.  My mom is an artist who shares her work with her family. I remember that this pink castle cake took all night to decorate.  And although I was more tomboy than princess, I was thrilled with this cake.  I felt incredibly loved and special because of this extravagant gift.

That year, I also received a pair of fantastic blue roller skates.  I wish I still had those skates and a basement to roll around in.  One of my favorite childhood memories involves skating in our basement to my mom's Jan and Dean record "Dead Man's Curve".  I took those curves like a race car driver.  Without a helmet.

 So thank you Mom, for assuring that I had a great childhood, full of love, creativity and play.

And thank you to my Grandma who is not with us now, but who continues to influence my life.

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