Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rainy Day Gratitude

This morning it's raining! Beautiful rain making puddles in my garden! Rain that makes the house feel like a home. Rain that is a relief from southern summer sun. Today I'm going to do a lot less thinking and writing, and a little more showing.  If I were to write a gratitude list for Sunday, my list begins with family and friends, and follows with a beautiful place to live.

We are growing a tomato plant that is actually five tomato plants that grew together.  I named it Audrey.  So far, only two have ripened but it's loaded with beautiful green orbs!
Rain falls in a curtain outside the screened in porch. 
A favorite spot for watching Elliot play outside.
This is the entrance to the front door. 
I love this tree in our front yard.
Rain on the window pane reminds me of when I was a child, watching droplets fall.
Our kitchen island is a century old baker's table, which Richard fixed up with a new top and legs.  The veggies are from the local farmers market.  Unfortunately we didn't do as well as we hoped with our own garden.
This is our dining room.  Lots of thanks are given around this table.  Elliot regularly thanks God for EVERYTHING.
This is the central area of the house, and what you see if you walk through the front door.
This is our next project, converting a closet into a LEGO build room.
Elliot's room....he sleeps under a tree that he helped to paint when he was in Kindergarten.
This is my current project, refinishing an old dresser.
A puddle reflects the leafy canopy in the front yard.   

   I am so thankful to live in a beautiful place, with friends and neighbors who make it even more enjoyable. 

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