Wednesday, October 17, 2012

When The Pieces Fall into Place

While the leaves are making soft landings, things here are falling into place.  Over a year ago, while brainstorming all the things I wanted to do with my Knees and Paws shop, one idea for an add-on product stuck with me.  I wanted to create a light weight "pet house" for kids who loved to play puppy.  Two weeks ago, while standing in line for fabric, I struck up a conversation with a customer who was crafting her own version of a playhouse for her three year old granddaughter.  I asked her all kinds of questions about the structure, and how she planned to build the internal parts.  Her idea was to use PVC pipes.  This wouldn't work for me because I don't want to worry about shipping that kind of bulk through the mail.

Then, just this morning, my good friend Corinne posted a status about making handmade gifts for her children for Christmas and asked her friends for ideas.  In the comments, someone posted a link to a McCall's pattern for a play house.  So I went to Amazon and conducted a search myself.  Minutes later, I ordered a pattern for a playhouse that fits over a card table.  It was the perfect size and shape that could be customized into a pretend "pet house."

So today I'm inspired! And excited!  I plan to host a big Christmas giveaway here on the blog that will include one of the pet houses, a set or two of Knees and Paws with assorted toys and accessories.  I am so excited to have something to work on after the Halloween rush is over.  

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