Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Colors of My Daughter's Room

The following is an original poem I wrote today, with plans for later revision.

The Colors of My Daughter's Room

I watched her walk under the arch,
Saint Louis in the spring,
That gateway to the West.
The sound of suitcase wheels
scraping concrete,
rolling away,
following tennis shoes.

Then at home there was a space.
The one I tried to fill by starting

Roll up the posters.

The colors of my daughter's room
Change with her absence
When I have hope 
Of her return.

We share a past
One walked away
And someone stayed.

The tone I spoke
A sound that flashed!
Let go of longing the past

Walk into now
With older eyes,
The child grown.

Pink curtains stay
Because I compromise
This new condition
Of my liberty.

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