Tuesday, December 25, 2012

This Christmas Morning

This Christmas, Santa came to our house, possibly near midnight when we heard a thud on the roof.   I woke up at my usual 5:30 am, to a deep silence.  Ozzie followed me downstairs and had a peek under the tree.  Smelling a mesh bag of dog bones, he gently lifted the bag in his teeth and carried it over to the rug.  While the coffee dripped, I sat down to wait.  Usually, this never happens.  Usually, Elliot or Emily, or both would be jumping on my bed and waking me from a deep slumber. 

This year was different and the same as Christmases usually are.  This year was different because I decided to be happy, no matter that Emily had to go back to her life up north.

There's too much good to celebrate in life to spend a single moment moping about loss, goodbyes and long distance family.  I took a shower, ate a cookie for breakfast, and still, Elliot slept on.  It was a quiet, foggy sunrise before I heard his foot stomps in the hall.

"Merry Christmas!!!!!!!" he said while pounding down the steps.

"Merry Christmas Elliot!" we said, giving hugs and smiles.  He made a bee line for the corner, where Santa had indeed left a few packages to open.

"This is the best day of my LIFE!"  he said, ripping open a box with a Lego The Clone Wars Video game for his Xbox.  Then he jumped on his go cart, a German Kettler Car.  A go cart is Elliot's dream come true!

There were many gifts to open under our tree this year, and lots of surprises.  My mom is continually generous with all of us, sending a big box stuffed with beautiful presents.  Richard enjoyed his big box of kitchen tools including a food processor. I was thrilled to find a gift card for Barnes and Noble....just in time to start rebuilding my library!

Emily also had many gifts to share with us, and lots of fun activities.  We made the most of every single moment. 

Every Christmas seems to come and go so fast, and just when I'm beginning to make the holiday a part of daily life, I have to start thinking of the ordinary calendar once again.  But for now, Richard has the rest of the week off and we plan to really relax and enjoy the every day blessings.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I'll be back again after the New Year.

 Peace to you my friends,


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