Sunday, July 11, 2010

Connecting Knees and Paws; the Sunday Creative Prompt from Life Set to Words

The Sunday Creative
Each Sunday, Meagan from Life Set to Words offers a one word creative challenge to everyone who reads her insightful and lovely blog. This week the word is "Connect". While the Knees and Paws blog, etsy and facebook have been my usual mediums to "connect" to new and old friends, today I've decided to focus on my product. Since writing the patent pending application, I've often thought of ways to keep the separate pieces of Knees and Paws together. Normally, I make customized cotton tote bags or back packs that turn into travel pillows when stuffed full of Knees and Paws. Those fantabulous wonderful customers who have purchased Knees and Paws from the Etsy site know that I include a tote with each set as a complimentary gift for being so awesome!

Yet while the tote bags help keep the sets together, I've wondered about adding a design element that would connect the knee pads and the paws when not in use, especially needed if the totes are lost or used for other fun stuff. Here's one solution:

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