Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fish and Friendship

Wednesday's theme at Camp Happy Hoppins was Fishing. We read The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister, made our own Rainbow Fish art, and packed our fishing gear for an afternoon of fishing at Lake Brandt. The weather was perfect, the kids were full of energy and purpose, determined to catch something.

But next time, I will rent a little boat for us. Because stupidly, city regulations meant that we were not allowed to fish from a comfortable grassy area on the bank of the lake. We had to stand next to a fully loaded trash can (the only spot available) on the dock that assaulted our noses with the rotten, sun baked smells of leftover fisherman's lunches. Despite their patience, the kids didn't get a bite. To comfort us in our stinky misery, one turtle swam to surface to say hello. After a while, we returned home for a dinner of barbeque ribs. The evening turned fun when they covered the living room floor with couch cushions and played puppies for an hour. I'm waking up this morning to a wreck of a house and a son with sleepy eyes, messed up hair and a happy grin, full of the wonderful feeling that comes with having friends who will stay for hours, every day, just because they love you.

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