Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Few Words for Wednesday

I am down two pounds since making magical breakfast creme my morning routine. This is in part due to thinking about food. I was so interested in Guiliano's cookbook that I checked out two more of her books at the library. Three ideas from French Women Don't Get Fat are sticking, helping me to feel lighter throughout the day:

* It is your brain that controls what you eat and how much. If you are totally bored by the foods you are eating, you tend to eat more.

* Thus, a routine, while convenient, gets boring. It's easy to go into the grocery store and mindlessly pick out the same items, week after week, then come home and make the same rounds of grilled chicken, hamburgers, spaghetti and tacos, day after day.

* Cooking a few SIMPLE, tasty, nutritious, French recipes to contrast my normal boring dinners provides a feeling of intelligence and creativity. I am surprised to discover that through cooking and eating differently I care about myself more than I have in weeks. Caring about myself makes it easier to control my portions.


On a side note, the official patent book has arrived at the library. From now until September 8, I will be deeply involved in creating the official Knees and Paws patent, while continuing to share little stories here. Thank you for being patient while I work through this next big challenge. My trial by fire begins.

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