Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stormy Weather

As I write this, over 128 people have died in Alabama, 11 in Georgia and 1 in Tennessee.  We spent a nervous evening listening to the storm outside our windows, cracked open to prevent them from bursting under the pressure of a possible tornado.  We're still under a watch until noon today.  Currently I am in the dark about my fellow North Carolinians as the phone company cut our cable line while burying a new line.

For all of our survival skills learned while hiking in the backcountry, Richard and I realized that we are not really prepared in the event of a tornado.  We have no basement or proper storm shelter.  As we cleared a space in our pantry under the stairs, it became quite obvious that something needs to be done.  As a storage area for canned goods, this space also holds glass vases, crystal platters, an odd assortment of tools, cords, batteries, boxes of stuff I have no idea why I'm keeping, brooms, vacuums, boxes of nails....
Also, there really is no secure place to hang on in case a tornado were to suck us all up. 

We wearily fell into our beds last night not knowing if the massive storm to the west and the south would find us.  I was able to sleep trusting in the text alerts that would be coming to my phone from the local news station. 

This morning I have a lot of work to do... creating a safe space.
Is it possible to ever be truly safe anymore?

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