Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have been experiencing a much needed break as the Halloween rush ends today.  The dust in the house has been cleared and the laundry put away.  I've reorganized my work station and this alone has sent me into the upper echelon of happiness.  With the new sewing machine that Richard gave me (thoughtfulness is his strength)  I've also made time to work on a costume for myself, not knowing if we would find a place to go out as a couple.  It felt wonderful to discover that I can successfully make a dramatic alteration on an item of clothing.  The process was fulfilling in a way that I cannot describe.  To make evening wear for oneself is liberating, but also risky as mistakes can send an entire day's work to the trash. 

The Cinderella within is rising to the surface, because now that my dress is hanging, I want to go out dancing with my prince.  The search for an evening event has proved to be a bigger challenge than I anticipated.  I'm having difficulty finding just the right location.  The last time we had a date night, the evening was a great success.  On a warm summer night while walking under the street lights of downtown Greensboro, we discovered the historic Carolina Theater.   A summer film festival was underway.  While images of the Pacific Ocean captivated me during Point Break, we couldn't help being a little bored with the acting, so while sneaking around the theater, we discovered a ballroom on the top floor.  I'd like to return to the same theater for our upcoming night out, but they're playing The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Cast...and I'm afraid to go.

I've never actually seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but know a little about the craziness of it...
It just sounds kinda yucky.

I'm not into the club scene.  I'm not a ballroom dancing type either.
The dancer in me usually ends up dancing at home to music that I like, away from the inebriated public.

I'd considered throwing a little party but then there really isn't enough time.  Most people like to make plans and aren't impulsive.

Then, this morning an event popped up on facebook that has great potential.   My college is hosting an alumni Barn Dance that includes beginning dance lessons at the start, cider, doughnuts, a band and hay rides.

  So, maybe there's hope for another great Date Night.

Pictures to come soon!


  1. You are right to be wary of Rocky HPS- I saw it as a teenager and it was fun then, but it wouldn't be for me as an adult.

    It's WONDERFUL you can create your own evening wear. I hope the night of your dreams comes true with your prince!

  2. Life is sounding full and very good, Jenny! It's wonderful that you're grabbing all opportunities and finding time to develop your own interests and fit in your running again. How envious I am that you've already had success with losing some weight. No wonder Cinderella is dying to go to her ball with her Prince! I hope you will have another fairytale night whatever you end up doing :) Either way, it's good to know you're feeling enthused and happy in general! You definitely have your mojo back :)

  3. Sounds like you found where you're supposed to be dancing with your Prince! Barn Dance...why I'll bet you might find a pumpkin or two for Cinderella and her Prince Charming! Have fun and let us know all about it!

  4. sounds wonderful! i've never seen that movie either and i probably never will. not my cup of tea.

    wonderful that you can make your own stuff. i'm about as talented with a needle as a dead gnat. if i can't glue it or staple it, i can't do it.

  5. Yeeeaahh.... I'd probably skip Rocky Horror. My son and his wife went on a whim one night, and they were horrified at the people that brought their kids. It's not for the faint of heart. And if you go, whatever you do, don't admit to it being your first time. You'll be very very sorry.
    On the other hand, your other idea sounds great and really fun! Hope you get to do that or something equally romantic.


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