Thursday, October 27, 2011

Apple Store Field Trip

Hi Friends,
Things are so busy this weekend and we are excited.  My mom has arrived safely after driving over 700 miles in one fell swoop.  Elliot is over the moon with happiness having his grandma here.  It was difficult for him to leave this morning to go on our scheduled field trip to the Apple Store.  Perhaps I should have let him stay home while I enjoyed meeting other home educators.  I'm learning to trust and reach out more as we go along.  I made several potentially great friends today, then had the joy of coming home to one of my lifelong friends, who just happens to be my mom. 

While we had breakfast and before we left for our field trip, Elliot told his grandma about all the yucky, scary Halloween stuff that he's seen in the stores this month.  I asked him what we should do when we're out trick or treating and we see a house with lots of scary decorations.  I nearly choked on my oatmeal at his response:

"Well, throw up in their driveway."

"That way, when they leave in the morning they will say, "what's this yucky stuff on my wheels?"

So, for all the folks in the adjacent neighborhood...think twice about putting out the gore! 

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