Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Secret Of Life

Some musicians are healers.  It is this healing aspect of music that I'm so comforted by today. After much prayer and acknowledgement of my feelings and stress, I've come to realize that loving actions are all around us, despite terrifying events of destruction.  It's still spring here, and I have plenty of love in my heart, purpose and passion to live on.  While I recognize that on a daily basis I need more positive messages, positive thoughts and positive energy (like vitamins and sunshine) I must remember to seek those specific things, to notice the good operating in the midst of life's soup.

Lately Richard and I have noticed God showing us something, pointing us to something that I cannot ignore or brush off as coincidence.  There have been signs in the last few weeks that it's time to begin a music education program for Elliot with professional instruction.  While I have been working like mad on two big school musical productions, (105 pieces in 15 days!!!) we recently met a wonderful friend who speaks fluent German, teaches piano, and lives within biking distance. Last night, we discovered that a new sitter we interviewed is a music teacher pursuing a PhD in education.  Elliot has been taking some preliminary online piano lessons and is picking up some songs very quickly.  So we are inspired to give structure, purpose and some investment into opening up this path.

Today I'm dedicating this song by James Taylor to my artist-ninja boy-musician in the making-lego building-wilderness biologist-philanthropist son. Music has a healing, comforting power, which is necessary for life.

Welcome to the human race.

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