Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Best Day

According to Elliot, yesterday was the best day of his life.

It wasn't his birthday.

It wasn't Christmas.

It wasn't a day at Disney World, or Emerald Point water park.

It was a perfect spring day in April.  We finished school and pulled our bikes out of the garage.  We rode four miles to the park, stopping at Herbie's Diner for a coke.

At first, he didn't want to order anything but the coke.  But after fifteen minutes of seeing the cake sitting on the counter, he debated aloud,

 "there's only about three slices of that cake left.  Maybe a family will want it."

I encouraged him.  "Elliot, I would love to treat you to a slice of that chocolate cake if you really want it."

Finally, he relented.  When the server returned with our tiny bill, I asked her to add a slice of cake to the order.

When it arrived, he dove into the gooey fudge frosting and moist cake with bits of it landing on his nose.  It was so rich he couldn't finish it and asked for a box.  When I paid the bill, he said "this was the best service I ever had!"

Back on the trail, he said "I feel GREAT! This is the best day of my life!"

Any day that Elliot is having his best day, I am too.

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