Saturday, April 2, 2011


   I live in the third largest city in North Carolina.  This beautiful city has a lot of great qualities. But if you were to drive a few hours west, you would see sights like this:
Which is why one of my new hobbies is hiking.  But friends, while I love hiking in the mountains with my husband, I am sick-in-the-heart terrified of black bears.  Even though everyone says they are benign.   Even though I walked past 17 of them last summer. 
Now that spring has arrived, Richard is ready to plan another backpacking trip.  We will take Elliot and Ozzie this time.
 I know it will be a great experience.  I always feel refreshed and full of energy for life after going into the mountains.   And who can resist the pristine beauty of it all?

Or the chance to spend time with Richard without the burden of our jobs and home? 
I mean, I need to get over this irrational fear.  Look at that guy with his hair all grown out!  I'll eat ramen noodles, sweat like crazy and carry an overloaded pack just to see the relaxed version of my husband return. 

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