Friday, April 1, 2011

A letter

   This year, I did my spring cleaning in stages.  For the first time, I decided to allow myself plenty of time and relax through the process.  I knew there were areas that needed serious attention, but believed that if I tackled those when inspired, I might actually enjoy it.  This process worked for me.  While I feel rather upset with myself for collecting so many things, I decided that I'm more of a little packrat than a hoarder.  And sometimes, being a little packrat pays off.

  Like yesterday, when I was searching for an electrical cord in my closet and discovered a box of letters and cards.  To my great surprise and delight, the gift of my dad's handwriting unexpectedly fell open as I sorted through the pile.  It reminds me to write handwritten letters to my children.  Because it's a rare gift to read the thoughts of your loved ones after death.

  Dear Jenny,

     It sure lifted my spirits when I was able to talk to you and hear your voice.  I am happy you are feeling well and that you will feel even better when you can put the money from your car sale to good use.  I'm also happy that you have a new place to live with plenty of room for all.  I wish I could see you and Emily more often.  I miss you both so much and I sure could use your green thumb at this time of the year.  Mostly, I just miss you and yearn for times gone by, but I also look to the future and picture you being happy there with a new baby and a good teaching job.  I also see you being happy with a whole family that is secure in it's love, happiness and comfort.  I always wish for your happiness most of all.  I hope that with Richard by your side, this will be.
     You are a beautiful person and deserve the best.
Well, I need to get to the bank and the post office so will close with lots of hugs for all of you till next time.

This letter was written four months before Elliot was born.  Seven years later, I can truthfully say that my dad's wish for me came true.  Aside from not having a teaching job, I am very happily in love and with my family life.

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