Friday, April 22, 2011

Trading Up

I'm not really a celebrity fanatic, but I have always admired the work of Patch Adams. Today is a happy day because as I was learning to appreciate twitter, I discovered that Patch is now following me back!!/kneesandpaws

There is something great happening inside me lately.  It's not just spring weather.  It's the influence of healthy, happy people. 

I used to be so serious about everything.  So determined.  So desperate for change.

And wow, have I changed.  I traded north for south.  Catholic for Quaker.  Cigarettes for coffee.  Now I'm trying to change Coffee for Tea.  Books for computer (is that good????)  Depression for Happy, Worry for Acceptance.  Shy for Outgoing.

Have you traded something that makes you feel better lately?   I'd love to know how this made a difference.

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