Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Unplugged Weekend

So here I was, blogging away about how much I love to wake up every morning and write a little something here.  Then, I went into the back yard and dug a new area for our vegetables.  Apparently the line was not buried very deep, and apparently my upper body strength is great because I managed to cut our phone line.  Of course, the phone company said we'd have to wait until Monday to have it repaired. 

And without the internet, I enjoyed life to the fullest!   I helped my husband to celebrate his birthday with dancing and cooking.  Without being dependent on the computer for inspiration, I remembered that I have a catalog of family recipes in my brain.  So Richard enjoyed a century old family recipe for potato salad, and some wonderful German baked goods from our historic Frankenmuth Cook Book. We are still enjoying the stollen and the homemade donuts.
I might be blogging less frequently because life is very good when you're not trying so hard to reach out.

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