Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bubble Art Project

Sometimes getting an education becomes a boring routine, even for kids who are learning independently at home.  So variety and self guided learning projects are very important for success in our homeschool. We have found that interdisciplinary projects such as a mix of art and science raises the level of excitement and engagement. This morning I was inspired to set up a hands on learning activity in our kitchen.  When Elliot saw the activity, he said "ooooh! Science!"  And though it is part kitchen chemistry, it's also a wonderfully contained mess of an art project. 

Bubble prints are simple, fun, and fast.  Here's how:


  •  White construction paper or watercolor paper
  •  plastic straws
  •  cookie sheets with sides
  •  acrylic paint, watercolor paint, tempera paint or food color
  •  clear liquid dish detergent (other colors work, but add a tint to the color of paint)
  • water 
  • small cups
  • newspaper or drop cloth


 1.  Cover work areas with newspaper or drop cloth

2.  Make the bubble mix in the small cups using half dish detergent, half water, and a few teaspoons of paint or food color until you are satisfied with the intensity of the color.  Repeat until you have at least three different colors of bubble mix per workstation.

3.  Place the cups into the cookie sheet.  Put a straw into the bubble mix and blow gently.  Let the bubbles flow over the edge of the container.  Remove straw.  Lightly grab the bubbles with the paper.  The bubbles leave a colored print as they pop.  Put the straw back into the container and continue until you have filled the page with as many prints and colors as desired.

The result is simple to clean up, just rinse everything in the sink. 

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