Monday, September 17, 2012

My latest obsession

After being blessed with a few sales, I made a trip to the fabric store.  It's a bad habit of mine, to keep recycling the profits into new materials.  But I can't resist a day in my little corner sweat shop.  Sunday was cool, rainy and the perfect day for uninterrupted creativity.  Well, I'm sure there were a few interruptions, but no one really wanted to cross the threshold into my world of flying fabric scraps, thread balls like tumbleweed, the air filled with floating plush fiber to find me, buried in my cozy mess.

After messing around with some really crazy long fibered faux fur, I got out the vacuum and began to assemble something that I wanted. 

If there's time, I might just make an alternate version of this for myself, minus the poodle ears and tail.

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