Thursday, May 29, 2014

From the Happiness Jar

Here are a few entries from the happiness jar in May:

On May 2, I turned 43.  I am grateful for another year of living!

Richard's wilderness survival classes exceeded my expectations.  My favorite was the fire building class we hosted in our back yard.

A day trip to Pilot Mountain.

My friend Linda.  Everything about Linda is beautiful.  I got to tell her this one day when we were having a discussion about veins in our hands.  She said she thought her hands were ugly...after hugging her and telling her how I really felt about her (there's not a single thing ugly about you Linda!!!)  Our mutual friend Tanya looked into her eyes and said "Linda, you are one of the most beautiful people I know."
(Her face smiling goes in the happiness jar)

My neighbors.  Not the neighbors whose dog attacked me, and whom I'm still working on the seventy times seven forgiveness challenge...  my kindhearted neighbors who spontaneously offered to watch Elliot while Richard and I enjoyed an evening out.  My neighbors who always make time to talk, wave and smile.  My neighbors who have two beautiful who is four year old Carolyn, and the other who is 10 month old Turner.  Yesterday, Carolyn blew dandelion seeds and wished "all good things for Elliot."
After enjoying a swim in our pool, I offered her a slice of watermelon.  She said,

"Watermelon is good for you, because it has a lot of taste."

A different kind of writing habit.  After years of reading books on writing, the real learning is happening through an actual practice not for social media.  It's as if I've been trying to learn how to ride a bike from a book all these years.  There's a fresh novelty in discovering how to tell a fictional story.  My wobbly first attempts to push the pedals and find my balance will hopefully become a longer ride..

Actual bike rides.  One sunny afternoon, Richard, Elliot and I rode through the adjacent neighborhoods and discovered the newly constructed branch library.  I'm looking forward to riding to the library for our weekly visits during Elliot's fifth grade year.

Rain showers.  Thunderstorms. (And the discovery that if I listen to "sound spa" on my computer I can write for longer periods.  I think rain helps to draw one within  and to a place of deep focus, even if it is an artificially constructed situation.)  Beating writer's block will now involve my headphones!

A new hammock hanging from the rafters on the back porch.  Elliot and I reading in the hammock at sunset, swinging our way through a long story.

Music.  Listening to my favorite cd's on our big stereo with the full range of sound.

Last and not least....I bought a ticket to see Elizabeth Gilbert in Asheville, North Carolina one month from now.  I plan to host a giveaway with a signed copy of The Signature of All Things in paperback.

Do you have any happiness moments you'd like to add to this list?  Feel free to leave some in the comments!

Happy Weekend!

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