Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Memory of Hobbes

I have just returned from picking up our cat, Hobbes from the side of the road. His body was heavy and I was shaking as I wrapped him up in an old blanket and slid him into a cardboard box. I had to do it myself, and do it quick because the neighbors (so compassionate) complained that he was slowing traffic. As I lifted him a little, one paw peeked out of the blanket. I am not going to be making any new paws for a little while.
We are all going to miss him, pain in the a*# that he was. He just showed up one week a few years ago, begging to be let into our back yard. Our son Elliot fed him a crust of pizza and he stayed. He loved our laps, but he was a biter and had no bathroom manners at all. But these are things a family accepts when they love you.

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