Thursday, March 11, 2010


Squee. My favorite new word. It's not mine, but one I'm borrowing from a friend. My new goal is to create products that have a "squee" factor. What does this mean? When someone opens a box of Knees and Paws, they'll want to make this sound. It's something between a squeal and a smile. Of course, boys won't say squee but I think this is okay. Future reference for staff meetings: Folks, you know the product is good when it elicits squees! Let's commence with operation SQUEE! What I'm working on here is to engage people the way Mike does in Monsters Inc. We want to work on gathering all the funny, happy energy we can! If it doesn't get a squee, then back to work! Etsy needs to add a new feature; I like hearts but could you please squee me?
The headbands shown were a custom order which sold immediately. I'll be sure to add more to the shop in the next few days.

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