Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jeananne Sizemore of ArtWhims on Etsy, beautiful creations from an artist with a generous heart

As my friends know, I'm new to all of this, new to business, to Etsy, to sewing, and a newbie in the blogosphere. But as I journey on this path, I've met fellow artists who have swept away all my preconcieved notions about what it means to be successful while being in business. Today I'd like to share the work and words of my new friend in Washington (the state), Jeananne Sizemore of ArtWhims.

Jeananne highlights Etsy sellers on her blog, and also has a wonderful Etsy shop as well, After meeting her in the Etsy chat room, I was impressed by her giving heart and the story she tells through her images and her art. When asked to share her thoughts on her work, Jeananne says

"When I first started painting, I remember sitting in the back of the craft store that my mom helped run. I would listen to Classic Rock and basecoat items for the store's owners. I think they paid me 25 cents a piece. That initial experience and my super crafty parents opened the door for me to be able to learn all about crafts and the world of craft selling. I am to this day learning and growing in my craft. Now my husband is my greatest support and inspiration; he challenges me, brainstorms with me and words through the shows with me! I am truly blessed to have this opportunity to create!

Thank you Jeannane, for sharing your work and inspiring words with us!

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