Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Dear Mom,

I'm sorry that I won't be with you today as the nation celebrates motherhood. Please understand that you're with me despite the 700 miles between our homes. Today I want to thank you for the love you share with all of us. If anyone were to wonder what distinguishes my mom's special style of mothering, I'd begin with this list:

You left a sucessful carreer to stay home with us.

You prepared delicious made-from-scratch meals for us, every day.

You smiled even though you had tough issues.

You gave us loads of affection and positive affirmations.

You gave us gobs of free play time.

You kept a clean, beautiful, comfy home.

You exposed us to many, many great people in the community and in our family.

You encouraged our success in school.

You took us to the library, often enough to satisfy my voracious appetite for books.

You taught us how to care for ourselves and for others.

You cared about us, every day.

I remember the hours you spent standing in the kitchen with Dad, canning enough vegetables to feed a small island nation for several years.

I remember all the pet accidents you cleaned up.

Thank you for supporting my dreams and activities, from ballet to softball, from my first job picking strawberries to Knees and Paws. I appreciate the lifetime you've given to me; to Roger, Ken, to Richard, Emily and Elliot. Thank you for teaching us by your example, how to be a loving, caring person and for enriching our lives with your light and faith.

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