Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elliot's Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I wish I had a video to go along with this post.  I'm certain that words will not be enough to convey the amazing event we experienced on Saturday.

Richard, having a love for adventure, signed us up to compete in a race to win a Chevy Sonic. 
I really had no idea what this was going to involve, except that it was a scavenger hunt, in which we would earn points by completing challenges at certain areas around downtown Greensboro.  It was to be a race on foot that would last approximately three hours.  (Thank goodness I've been keeping up with my running!).

Before the race began, a local radio station was there to energize the crowd of over 200 competitors.  This radio station kicked off the day's event by hosting an impromptu dance contest to win a fifty dollar gift card.

I love to dance, and Elliot was with me, so we joined a handful of people willing to make complete fools of themselves in public.

Elliot was the only child that was competing in the day's event with his parents.  I think most people felt that their children might slow them down, or that it would be too exhausting for a kid to run all over town for three hours.  Knowing that he could keep up as we've included him on long hikes in the mountains, we weren't concerned.  I think the radio DJ thought it was cool that a kid was going to compete.  So Elliot and I were chosen to dance first.

When the music started, Elliot blew up the place with his moves.  Inside I was thinking "Wow! I can't believe it! Since when.????"

  The crowd cheered him, loudly and with lots of clapping.  My jaw must have been hanging open while I lamely tried to keep pace.  The poor sops who danced afterward said, 'Geeze, who can follow that!'

The last dancer to perform also sent a wave of cheering and clapping.  Suddenly, Elliot and I found ourselves having to dance again for a tie breaker.
And he blew us away again...and ended it with a front flip.

I am not kidding.  My son did a front flip and landed it, without having practiced.  I had no idea he could do that.

With that stunning finale, the crowd went crazy!  But in the end, they cheered louder for the last dancer, who we discovered later was a professional night club dancer.

During the race, people who were competing for the car would stop to tell Elliot that they rooted for him.

Even though we did not win the car or first place in the dance contest, all of us left feeling incredibly uplifted from the experience.  I think I may have to search for a place where Elliot can dance with a group or a class.

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